Copa America 2024: CONMEBOL Released Detailed Logo For Copa America 2024

CONMEBOL Released the new logo for Copa America 2024: The official logo for the Copa America 2024 tournament has been revealed by Conmebol. The upcoming 48th edition of the quadrennial football tournament, which traditionally showcases South American teams, will be hosted by the United States. This hosting arrangement is a result of a “strategic collaboration agreement” between Concacaf and Conmebol.

copa america 2024 New logo

The unveiling of the logo provides fans and participants with a glimpse of the visual identity and branding that will be associated with the prestigious event.

Copa America Schedule

The CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™, scheduled to take place from June 20 to July 14 in the United States, is the oldest national team tournament and holds a prestigious status in the world of football.

Read the full schedule here: Copa America Schedule 2024

CONMEBOL unveiled the logo of the Copa America 2024

CONMEBOL has unveiled the image and logo of the upcoming 48th edition of the CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™. This prestigious tournament, known for its passion and fervor for soccer in South America, will be hosted in the United States, showcasing the connectivity between different nations and football fans around the world.

copa america 2024 detailed logo

The new brand identity of the CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™ is vibrant and inspired by the symbols of the United States.

 The colors of the American flag, including blue, red, and white, are prominently featured, along with the characteristic stars representing both the nation and the sky.

These stars also symbolize the brightest stars of the sport, the best players who will grace the tournament.

At the heart of the logo is the coveted competition trophy, symbolizing the ultimate goal for all participating teams.

Surrounding the trophy are the enthusiastic fans, representing the unwavering support and passion of the spectators throughout the tournament.

The logo also celebrates the world-class players who will showcase their talents and skills in the competition.

CONMEBOL’s President, Alejandro Domínguez, expressed his excitement for the upcoming edition, stating that it will be a historic moment that will stir the hearts of the entire continent.

With this captivating new logo and brand identity, the CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™ promises to be an unforgettable and thrilling spectacle for football enthusiasts worldwide.

CONMEBOL Copa America 2024

The CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™ is set to be a historic and grand tournament, hosted in the United States. In a unique collaboration, it will involve not only the traditional 10 CONMEBOL teams but also six guest teams from Concacaf, making it an exciting event for both confederations.

The six Concacaf teams will earn their spots through the 2023/24 Concacaf League of Nations, with the group and quarterfinals scheduled to take place during the FIFA Dates of September, October, and November 2023.

This 48th edition of Copa America will be special as it features 16 participants, similar to the 2016 edition also held in the United States.

With top-level competition, the tournament promises to be a showcase of talent, bringing together ten South American champions from the FIFA World Cup™ and some of the biggest stars in world football.

The 32 games will be played in June and July 2024, and fans can look forward to witnessing thrilling encounters and memorable moments as the continent’s finest teams compete for the prestigious title.

The CONMEBOL Copa America 2024™ will undoubtedly be a celebration of football, uniting fans from both South America and Concacaf in the spirit of the beautiful game.

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